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Image of the Well-Being Seminar – June 2017 event area

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Currently, there are 8 "Replenish Retreats June" ($295.00) available for purchase.
Replenish Retreats June$295.00

Woman’s retreats abound, for lithe, fit young woman who think nothing of standing on their head or bending their body into alarming shapes. … and good on them for their ability! But if it’s a few years since you could tie your feet behind your head, perhaps you’re looking for something different.

Lynda has created a day long program designed to appeal to more mature women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s (and beyond)….. but if you are a younger woman, you are very welcome too!

Here you will find an accepting, supportive space in which to “breathe out” and lay down your burdens, for a day. You may be tired and depleted; unfit or overweight; out of ideas on how to reclaim your health and happiness; confused by conflicting health information… or maybe you just want to spend a day somewhere beautiful, with good company and wonderful food (and enjoy the fabulous gift box you will take home). If so, then this is the retreat for you.