Restoring Women’s Wellbeing

Saturday, 24th June 2017

Albany, Auckland 



presented by

Lynda Wharton


Registered Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Writer and Speaker


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Are you –


  • a woman in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s ?
  • ready to prioritise your own health and wellbeing?
  • experiencing SOS signals from your body such as fatigue, mood issues, insomnia or hormonal imbalance?
  • wanting to learn new ways of caring for yourself?


Do you –


  • want to combine rest and relaxation with fun, friendship and learning new self care skills (did I mention the amazing food!)?
  • enjoy honest communication and conversation with other women like you?
  • want to spend a day learning from New Zealand’s leading Wholistic Women’s Health Specialist, Lynda Wharton?




Replenish Retreats – Programme

8.45 – 9am
Arrive, breath out, settle in.

9 – 9.45am
Welcome to your retreat day. Getting to know each other.

9.45 – 10
Help yourself to something delicious from the table, and bring it back to enjoy in our next session.

10 – 11
Hormones 101 – they may be tiny and invisible, but when they run amuck they can make life unbearable! Learn how your hormones hold you ransom, and how to take back your power.

11 – 11.30
Healing through exercise – Not all forms of exercise are right for every woman. Your age, stage and what you are trying to achieve, will all influence your best exercise regime. Learn how to get the best return on your puff!

11.30 – 12.30
Restorative Yoga with Avinderfee from Albany Yoga rooms. One glorious hour of stretching, breathing, and relaxing (this is a gentle program suitable for everyone).

12.30 – 1.30
A beautiful whole food lunch, seated around the table. Taste, talk, connect, and sip your complementary “sisters” wine.

1.30 – 2
Weight wars. Understanding mid life weight gain, and finding a solution. Intermittent fasting – the low down on how to implement this health giving dietary practice.

2 – 2.30
What can heal depression, lengthen your life, improve your optimism and happiness… a Gratitude practice. We talk all things grateful, along with a look at values and how they can make life simpler.

2.30 – 3.30
Let’s gather around the kitchen bench. It’s food talk time, as we explore my top 20 Super foods. Confused about which oils to use for what? How to make a smoothie with life giving kick; super foods to use in your kitchen everday.

3.30 – 4.15
Enjoy a delicious wholefoods afternoon tea. Fill your plate and your cup and find a peaceful place for yourself – chat, walk around the beautiful garden, contemplate with inspirational cards.

4.15 – 5
Mindfulness – what is it? How can it help you cope with stress and mood issues? Reducing your risk of chronic disease with a daily mindfulness practice. Learn some simple mindfulness techniques. Sit for a 10 – 15 minute guided meditation.

5 – 5.30
Ask the Naturopath – question time.

5.30 – 6
Closing our day. Goodbyes, gift bags and cards.


Before retreat day you will receive an email link to a comprehensive personal health appraisal questionnaire. Simply follow the instructions to complete it online. This is a secure site and your information remains confidential. Using this detailed information, I am able to recommend superior quality practitioner only nutritional and herbal products specific to your unique health picture. This is an optional service, included in the cost of your retreat.


Woman’s retreats abound, for lithe, fit young woman who think nothing of standing on their head or bending their body into alarming shapes. … and good on them for their ability! But if it’s a few years since you could tie your feet behind your head, perhaps you’re looking for something different.

Lynda has created a day long program designed to appeal to more mature women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s (and beyond)….. but if you are a younger woman, you are very welcome too!

Here you will find an accepting, supportive space in which to “breathe out” and lay down your burdens, for a day. You may be tired and depleted; unfit or overweight; out of ideas on how to reclaim your health and happiness; confused by conflicting health information… or maybe you just want to spend a day somewhere beautiful, with good company and wonderful food (and enjoy the fabulous gift box you will take home). If so, then this is the retreat for you.


“I so enjoyed the occasion Lynda – fabulous company and information clearly discussed and guided” …Claire

“When do we get to talk like this and have someone so knowledgeable to learn and ask questions from at the same time?” …Kristi

“You did so many special things that it truly was very replenishing and nurturing…. and the venue was awesome!” …Kristi

“I loved your authentic and inclusive style and way of engaging with participants comments” …Liz

“I really enjoyed the “round table” format, which felt relaxed and intimate” …Liz

“I am wary of “great expectations” and came along to the retreat with an open mind… and thoroughly enjoyed my day and treasured time spent with the group and Lynda” …Alison


Join one of New Zealand’s leading Specialist Naturopaths and Acupuncturists with thirty years of clinical experience in wholistic woman’s health. Lynda combines knowledge and experience with compassion and wisdom grown from overcoming her own personal life challenges.

Nearly 60,000 consultations with real women from all walks of life have gifted Lynda a depth of insight and understanding, which cannot be learned in a classroom.

Lynda offers you a unique opportunity to refocus on your health and wellbeing, while you rest and recharge in a beautiful rural home only minutes from Albany on Auckland’s North Shore.

Deliberately limiting groups to a maximum of ten participants, creates a safe, intimate and peaceful environment where honest communication and connection can flourish.


Lynda Wharton has been at the forefront of wholistic health in New Zealand, for thirty years. During this time she has operated a busy health clinic specialising in the wholistic treatment of woman’s health issues. By combining her expertise as a Naturopath and Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist, Lynda has helped thousands of women return to vibrant good health and happiness.


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